Friday, September 20, 2013

Life at Merbok

Back at Merbok, hectic days ahead. Merbok is okay but idk I just don't feel safe and happy there. The only things that makes me happy is when I'm around my classmates fooling around, eating together, joking etc. Else? boringggggg..

No offense people. I don't say Merbok is a bad bad place just that we feel that we don't belong there. If I didn't have any classes, I just stay at home playing games, reading books and manga, revise the homework and bla bla bla. What I want to say here is that the only best friend I can count on to cheer me up is my laptop computer. If that thing can speak, I'm so sure it yelled out at me saying "get a life".

Its been a year and a half living here continuing my degree. Let me tell ya one thing, no joking man, before this I don't even know the place named 'Merbok' existed. I only know Uitm Sungai Petani. Sungai Petani I knowla because I got some relatives living there. I even have aunts who lives at Laguna but I never go to her house because she spend most time in KL working and the only time she go back there during family occasions and events. I never know about Merbok, when I tell my parents that I got Uitm Sungai Petani, they were like "Kakak, nanti dok Merbokla". What? Merbok?

Merbok is  not a remote place I tell ya, the environment there is very good for education setting. But the place is boring, on weekends you don't know where to go and you ended up going to Penang instead. Besides, if you want to live Merbok happily without encounter depression, you need a car! Its easily la for you to go everywhere or else you will ended up staying at home in front of laptop screen staring at games and movies. With cars, you can anywhere you want since Kedah and Perlis got many interesting places to be visit. Or else you rentla cars, first hours RM15 and the rest RM5.

I don't know what my friends think about this place since I got several of them who have been living here since their diploma. Can you imagine they have been staying Merbok for approximately four and a half year!!
Respect! I don't know if I have been here for about four or five years, I think I might used to being live here. I might just bear and not whine anything cuz I been adapted to this place. Like of my classmates. Hahaa. But who knows kan, if I had graduated from here, I might come back to this state to work. We never know what futures lied ahead us. If I do, I think I might not encounter any problems since I have been living here before. In Sha Allah.

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Fasheeha A. said...

i feel you.
i feel the same when i was studying there.
but just enjoy your final year there okay?
those boring days when you reminisce later, you'll miss.