Sunday, September 15, 2013

The last semester

Holla people! Just deleting all the old posts, I don't know, I feel like wanting to start a new one without removing the old so I just use the same URL and blog thus its not so convenient having so many blogs. Besides, some of my friend have wear tudung so deleting the all post containing the old photos of them is needed. Yes they might not ask you to do that, but yo people they are friends, show some respect. I might too one day glad if my friends do that for me. 

I;m going back writing blogs, which mean I'm going to update a lot here since this is the only place I can whining and babbling about the all stupid stuffs around me. I don't know whether there IS people reading my blog but if you do, tell me if I go too far posting some harsh words and hurting people. I'm sorry because I don't know when you have reach the 20's you are somehow become mature and don't like all the 'gedik' and annoying stuff that you see around you everyday. Even I entered degree life, I'd still encounter this 'painful' scenes which I feel I might one day slapped one of those people. Mind you people, you are in the age of 22 and 23, act like one. You aint in high school anymore, you entered degree life,  balance your study and keep focusing on it. Don't depend on people too much, be serious. 

See, thats why before this, I don't want to update my blog since I'm going to babbling all about my degree life. You see I'm not perfect either, I'm not a dean list students. I'm somehow average and normal just like the others. But when you come to study, study! you can berjimba like me on weekends but on normal days please be serious! I have this one friends who don't even care about course registration which than lead to me registered it for her. I'm not pry or don't want to do it just that I feel like YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE to that stuff. Some of my friends and I were all kecoh and gelabah on the day the opening registration, contacting and texting each other like the day going to be ended tomorrow. No jokes people,  registered courses here is one thing you cannot take it for granted or else you need to register other classes which I really really hate. You need to remember la, don't let people remember it for you. 

 Life is good, since I am doing internship at Ipoh, I stayed at home most of the time so being with family is a blessed. Now the new semester just started  a week ago, so far so good. But I don't know I still feel blur entering classes and all. Right now I'm at home enjoying my long weekend doing nothing. I still being assigned being the assistant class rep handling all class stuffs which I feel sometimes I am the class rep and Mizan is the assistant. I'ts because some of my classmates (girls usually) are more comfortable asking me than him which I completely understand why.Some of them are 'segan' to text him even I am also feel that way because I'd ask him too much some time ( I need confirmation, sorry). Is just that (No offense buddies) some time I just wanna switched off my phone not wanting to reply all the messages just because I do not know what to reply. I know they rely on us when it come to classes and lecturers but sometime we just don't know either classes have been cancelled, lecturers on leave and etc. If got messages, I'm SURE both of us send you all the message. If sometime you are so eagerly wanna know either class is off or not, do directly text the lecturers yourself. Don't depend on US always okay. All my lecturers for this semester is quite okay but just this one la I'm so scare to go because I heard too many horror stuff about her class. If all the things is true, not cool la wei. Like what my fav lecture say, 'YOU ARE ADULT FOR SURE YOU WANTED TO BE TREAT LIKE ADULT which I agreed completely. We have gone those 'rebellious' phase la madam no need scolding and shouting like a witch. Forgave me if you are not like my friends said because your classes started this week so I cannot judged and complaint about you until I experienced one. 

So I just wish this last semester will go smoothly without any problems since I have two reports to be submitted by the end of the semester. Wish me luck people! I'll going back being cavemen( will blog soon about this) tomorrow morning with two of my fav people to travel with because we have experienced our susah senang moments many many times. 
Till the the next post and do remember this people!

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