Thursday, August 7, 2014

Life Is Good :)

Im on my vacay visiting the best friends here in Cyberjaya and Shah Alam.  Another week of meeting em, spending the time together and jalan jalan cari makan. Ida and Fya did not spend raya because of working so here I am visiting em with kuih raya and dodol to cheer em up.  Currently at HP Cafeteria while blogging this. Wanna stay home actually but there's an Indon and Indian workers doing some wiring on the aircond at the third room. They all saw me with those perverted looks and scary behavior and I was like "okay im going to tag along to HP'.  Like seriously I dont wanna stay home, even with the taekwondo skills I learned in high schools I better avoid this kind of shit before it getting worse. Like who's going to help me if there's anything happen right?

Back to the main topic here. Everyone is busy and working right now so the only time I can meet them all is during the weekend. I can't wait to start work on September, I wasted a lot of time doing nothing actually. Yes I travel a lot during the unemployed time but there is a time where you'll wondering and it'll definitely lead to overthinking. Like why this happen to you, why no one want to employed you, why you the one is still not working bla bla bla. But Syukur Alhamdulillah, unemployed no more. I have been accepted to work in the sales department at one of the hotel in Ipoh. I will work there for few months before I find another job near ze best friends. That is why I decided to pay them a visit this week since Im not sure when will I get time to meet them when I start working later. A short trip during weekend can la.

A lot of people been asking whether I will continue Master or not.  To tell ya all the truth, Master study is NEVER in my future plan. Im so tired with my course with all the management, policy and stuff, Im exhausted. I went for the interview because at that time Im in Shah Alam, I no need to buy the pin no, and the gang urge me to just try and see what happen. You see they are only several who interested in cont Master so if you got invitation to go interview, you know that you will definitely get it. Interview were just like lepak sembang and know you and your future plan is. And now I get job ady , Im so gonna say goodbye to this. Sorry dear friends who's urging me to continue for Master, this is indeed a good opportunity and bright plan for future but I dont wanna cause troubles with this sudden decision. I need money for fees, a place to stay and all. Thus I decided to say NO to it. Maybe next year, In Sha Allah.

This time, during the trip ( been here for about 6 days, woah) I have been realize many many things actually. I was like 'sedar diri' mode that everything happen for a reason.  Everyone of us have our own struggles, our own fight, our on life.  Everyone’s path is different.  Embrace your unique journey.  It’s all yours and everything that’s happening around you is happening for a reason.  When we stop trying to fight reality, we open up space for good things to come to us. When we stop spending time being upset about the past or fearing the future, we free up space to develop awareness. When we stop trying to fight our feelings and control the uncontrollable, we free up energy that can be used for acceptance, love, and peace … inside and out.Some people don't understand that in life there are many different paths for all of us. Sometimes we start down one before we realize we don't like the direction it is going and in the long run the destination it is taking us to is not the one we wish to arrive at. At this point people make their new paths. That doesn't mean the path we left won't meet up with the path we make for ourselves later in life. Everyone has to choose their own path. When they allow others to choose for them they will ultimately be unhappy. Walk your path, be proud of your choices, and don't regret anything because you can learn from everything.
So if you stress out that you are still unemployed or unhappy with you job or life, don't give up because the best is yet to come. Good things will come later. In Sha Allah.
Till the next post. Have a blissfull week ahead silent readers. 

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

6 months of roller coaster of fun and joy!

Fuyoo last update like 6 bulan yang lepas. Hehehe..
Nothing new pun saja nak update sebab rasa dah lama tak update. Lepas grad on January haritu adelah duduk menganggur sampai bulan March (still jobless btw).. Fefeling rehat lepas mengadap buku dan journals. Sebagai seorang procrastinate yang tegar, memang suka melengah benda sampai ade yang suruh baru tergedik nak buat.  Bulan Feb dapat offer job dekat Hotel dekat Ipoh tapi kita reject sebab bulan tu ade banyak event family, kenduri kendara and now kinda menyesal sebab tolak sebab terasa kena tulah "sekali kau tolak kerja, kerja takkan datang dekat kau", gittew tapi nasi dah jadi kerak ape nak buat selain dari redha. Ya tuhan yang menentukan, rezeki ade di mana mana ye.  And after lama duduk rumah, terasa nak buat kerja part time sebab Ipoh ni nama je pekan besar tapi nak cari kerja punyala susah. Balik balik yang ada hotel, mall, law firm. Start buat part time dekat cafe ala kopitiam dekat KTM station sampai bulan Mei. Ya kita quit sebab bulan Mei ade banyak benda nak kena buat. Habis je kerja on 30 April terus shoot pergi Sungai Petani sebab on 2Mei Ke Shah Alam Ke Kita dengan Mizan and Ida sebab 3 Mei ade kena ambik jubah konvo. Ya, 12 Mei iolz konvo dekat DATC Shah Alam. Syukur Alhamdulillah. 

Part paling best of course jumpa balik best friend iolz yang kalau korang nak tau kitaorang tak jumpa dah nk dekat 2 tahun tapi bila jumpa takde rasa apa apa. Chill n  tak awkward. Like so happy gila dapat jumpa balik Rafiq, Syahriz, and Ghafar. You guys indeed the best things in my life. My kawan susah senang, like you guys know the real me and still kawan me. (told ya, im the most kelam kabut n gelabah kinda person). Everyday that I spend with three of you were the best days of my life.Thank you dear friends. And dapat jugak jumpa Fath and Sarina, korang makin lawa Im gonna cry :'(. And not to forget my degree best friends, dearest gegirls and of course the mongols Mizan. Sayang korang semua :*
Konvo day was the best thing to be happened this year. Jumpa semua orang balik, parents gathered, thousands of pictures taken and we celebrate one of the best achievement in our life together. 
Lepas konvo, harusla stay sekejap and yeah kitaorang decide nak job searching dekat Shah Alam/KL. Tapi kita tak pernah tau perancangan tuhan, rezeki kita kat mana. And yeah Syukur everyone, almost the whole gang except iolz dah dapat kerja. Setelah 2 bulan duduk sana and boleh dikatakan dalam tempoh 2 bulan ni, hari hari happy je sebab pergi sana sini dengan diorang, job searching sana sini, jalan jalan cari makan. Iolz kembali ke Ipoh sebab rasa this is the right thing to do beside my saving dah habis. 

Dear best friends, if you guys read this, please know that I never meant to leave you guys. Some of you yes did mention I'm not ready and whatsoever but things happened are beyond what I have planned before. I'm so ready when I decided to find job there like anything can happen but yeah, iolz redha. Wish you all can understand the situation. If boleh stay duduk sana kerja, I think I'm the most happiest person in the world because my days are going to be fill with joy and fun surrounded with all of you. Please pray that I can settle all of this soon and get the best job so that I can moved there to be with all you. Leaving all of you is the hardest part of all, everyday since I get back home, like seriously I do miss all of you like crazy. I will of course see all of you one day, In Sha Allah. And yes some of us just keep getting the best job that will make our dreams come true, may Allah bless our journey. 


Saturday, January 11, 2014

This aint last farewell

Another week to go, another week to end degree phase. Last week of becoming a students. Phew, how time flies. Two years flew by so fast, too many memories created. Sedih bila ingat balik this is going to be last week to be around kawan kawan. Confirm meraung gakla nanti. The thoughts of not seeing each other pasni sangat tinngi. Tengok sajala ngan kawan diploma, last jumpa time konvo, setahun setengah jugakla tak berjumpa tapi disebabkan masing masing jenis keep in touch and still contact so takdela rasa apa apa sangat cuma tak berjumpa je. 

Benda paling sedih nak habis ni bila kita kenal sapa kawan kita, siapa yang akan ade dengan kita hingga akhir semester yang susah senang dengan kita. Bullshitt la semua dok 'people change', bla bla bla. 
people dont change, they finally show their true color. Well, I'm not perfect also, I apologized once so don't ever claim anything and say anything about me. Buat hal masing masing kan senang. Dah nak habis pun so malas nak ingat apa apa. I just want to focus and moving forward. Be with people who believe you, trust you and see something in you. 

Terima kasih kepada class rep paling awesome Mizan, kawan susah senang Nabilah, Ida, Kina, Fya ngan Hanim sebab selalu ada time susah masa final sem ni, selalu dengar merapu merepek. Bawak jalan pergi buat kerja gilaaa. Tak jugak housemate yang juga kepala gila dan classmates. You guys rock my degreee.
Yesterday sekali lagi KERJA GILA 5.0 . Definitely not the last kerja gila. Counting more in the future. In Sha Allah. Semalam punya kerja gila bolehla dikatakan kerja gila last sebb we all got paper on wednesday. khamis ngan jumaat memasing dah balik rumah dah bawak haluan masing masing dah. Semalam sebab kerja gila yang sebelum tu dah pusing setiap ceruk dekat penang jadi buntu tak tau pergi mana. Almost okay nak pergi buat kerja gila pergi shah alam ngan ipoh. siap pack things lagi. hahaha

sumpah akan rindu korang :'(